Made in the West Shorts

Venue Online
Dates 10 February - 10 March 2021
Category Digital Screening

Presented by Riverside Theatres and Made in the West Film Festival

Made in the West SHORTS showcases local filmmakers online

Made in the West Shorts is a home grown feast of short films featuring diverse stories which explore life and growing up in Western Sydney.
As part of Western Sydney’s landscape this is a specially curated program for Riverside that shines a spotlight on the Western Sydney film scene. Watch outstanding films made by local emerging indie and student filmmakers, featuring stories from our cultural backyard.

Made in the West Shorts is dedicated to screening these short films to you free online wherever you are. Every week, for 5 weeks one short film will be released, along with an additional video clip from each filmmaker about their work.


  1. Campesinos – releasing 10th February
  2. Ankara Pride – releasing 17th February
  3. Audio Guide – releasing 24th February
  4. Afro Sistahs – releasing 3rd March
  5. Culture Strong – releasing 10th March

Head to the “About the Films” tab to find out more about each film.


There will be an online Q&A with the filmmakers scheduled the  17 of March at 6pm.
Like our Facebook page for updates and for more information on the Q&A.


Every Wednesday at 12pm between the 10 February and 10 March one short film will be released as part of the festival, along with an additional video clip from each filmmaker about their work.
You will be able to access these films on this page, on their release date and you can enjoy these award winning films online, straight to your living room,  no bookings required.

Supported by Screen NSW


A glimpse into the secluded lives of Patagonian cowboys living at the end of the world in isolation.Director: Matias Bolla
Miller Best
Editor: Matais Bolla
Sound Design: Rumble Studios
Original Score: Darren Lim

This documentary explores the journey of Blacktown based fashion designer Blessing and her label Trendy B Designs. Blessing began her fashion design journey in Nigeria before her family moved to Australia in 2009, experiencing many struggles that new refugee and migrant families deal with when coming to a new country.

Director & Cinematographer: Emily Bui
Editor: Emily Bui & Thuy Nguyen

A woman is told the secrets of the world through an art gallery issued audio guide.

Director: Chris Elena
Writer: Lee Zachariah
Cinematographer & Editor: Kym Vaitiekus
Sound Design: Rowan Yeomans
Original Score: Alex Palmer & Andy Hazel
Cast: Emma Wright

Set inside Western Sydney’s premiere Afro hair salon: Afro Sistahs, we follow the lives of four black twenty-somethings women, as they work out what exactly they’re supposed to be doing with their lives. Kabusha, an engineering student dropout turned hairdresser, and proprietor of the salon that operates from her mother’s garage, is facing the looming deadline of her thirties with as much clarity as when she turned twenty. Her loyal customers, and friends: Akilah, an ambitious Law student whose 40 year plan that runs on a tight schedule and no compromise gets thrown out the window; Ayo, a devout Christian woman who still sends money to her family back home, while finessing her way around her family’s many attempts to set her up with a husband gets cornered; and Trisha, the self-professed next big thing to hit the fashion world, is the newest member of the sistahs who’s set on not being forgotten, by any means necessary, she might want to rethink those term students . Throughout the series we follow these women as they realise that some knots take more than just coconut oil to untangle.

Director: Hawanatu Bangura
Writer: Safia Amadou, Rebekah Robertson, Ebube Uba, Barry Gamba, Luna Andom, Chika Ikogwe & Hawanatu Bangura
Cinematographer: Meg White
Editor & Sound Design: Vanna Seang
Cast: Moreblessing Maturure, Rebekah Roberston, Ebube Uba & Luna Andom

Culture Strong explores how 2 young Sikhs in Australia connect to and preserve their culture through music: Hip Hop and traditional Sikh music. It follows the stories of Sukhdeep Singh (L-FRESH The LION) and Manbir Singh (kirtan teacher) and shows how their stories meet at this juncture in time.
L-FRESH The LION is a professional Hip Hop artist, born and raised in South West Sydney. He shares with us a personal recount of a life-changing moment he had while visiting the Sri Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar, Punjab after graduating from high school. He speaks about the identity challenges he faced as a young boy growing up in Australia and how this particular moment changed him. We then learn about how he uses music to connect to his culture and explore his identity.

Production House, Cinematography & Sound Design: Entropico
Director: Sukhdeep Singh
Editor: Joseph Hunter


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