It’s a Dad thing

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Regional Arts Victoria & TML Entertainment

It’s a Dad thing

Venue Riverside Theatre
Dates 13 March - 18 March 2006

It’s A Dad Thing! is a roller coaster ride of laughter, tears and songs – but mainly laughter. It’s chaotic, fun, shocking and truthful…pretty much like parenthood itself, except it runs for 2 hours and has an interval!

You’ll laugh out loud as the myth of the perfect parent is put to rest when a group of battle-weary fathers come together and compare notes on child rearing from a Dad’s point of view.

The show covers pre-natal classes (where even the men practice pelvic floor exercises), births (six hours of Enya tapes,  the horror), attempts to cross the squeaky floorboards without waking the kids and introducing them to sharp knives, alcohol and pizza (someone has to!) – meet Superdad!

And that’s just the first half.

Then we meet Zombie Dad losing a child in Toys R Us, using the same nappy twice, and saying farewell to the last symbol of youth,  a “63 XL Falcon (what stories it could tell).

“Belly-laugh comedy – simply a joy!”
Sunday Age

“Fast paced, clever, ingenious, something for all here” Sunday Herald Sun

Contains some course language and some nudity.

This event occurred on 13th March – 18th March 2006

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