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Indie Gems Film Festival

Indie Shorts

Venue Raffertys Theatre
Dates 13 September 2014

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be amazed. Come join us for the best of Australia Emerging Filmmaking Talent.

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Dates & Times:
Saturday 13th September 3pm



Director: Adrian Chiarella
Producer: Claire Phillips
Writer: Adrian Chiarella

Anna refuses to touch her son, Vincent, due to a rare skin condition that leaves him blistered and scarred. But when the boy begins telling her about an imaginary friend, she is confronted by her own fears of reaching out to people.


Director: Jo-Anne Brechin
Producer: Jo-Anne Brechin
Writer: Jo-Anne Brechin

Logline: A loving mother, a cheating husband, a disabled son and one phone call to change everything.

When a devoted wife and mother learns that her husband is leaving her down the line of a crackling payphone, her world falls down around her. And just as the depth of her husband’s infidelity is about to be revealed her credit runs out, the phone cuts off and she is left searching for answers, for reason, for hope. When her young disabled son appears with a coin to offer – a chance to call back, to keep searching – she discovers that here with her now is all that she was searching for.


Director: Christian Doran and John Frohlich
Producer: Christian Doran and John Frohlich
Writer: Christian Doran and John Frohlich

When a student is trapped in a tent with a snoring professor he goes to great lengths to get some sleep. A young man is sent out on a field trip with a professor. At night he finds that the professors snoring won’t let him sleep so he uses a balloon to block the sound. When he wakes up in the morning he finds that the professor has sucked in the balloon into his nose. The balloon then taunts the student until he tries to pull it out.


Director: Lisa Eismen
Producer: Peta Carney and Lisa Eismen

A bridge to unexpected places.

Meet Betty Mill, 81. Betty has made a career of teaching and these days loves getting people interested in the challenging and addictive game of Bridge. The film follows Betty as she teaches Bridge in a youth prison, a high school and at an indigenous community in the Northern Territory, Australia.  Bridge will help you apply logic, be a great team member and it is believed may extend the power of your brain into old age.  The question is: can the game of Bridge change lives?


Director: Danielle George
Producer: David Scro & Jacqueline Green
Writer: Danielle George

A Period Piece is a short student documentary film looking at women’s experiences with their menstrual cycle, particularly through the perspectives of Danielle, her family and friends, as well as the other members of the film’s crew.


A film by Charles Thomson

Charles Thomson, an Australian born actor living in India for the last three years, visited the Orphanage of Dagdusheth Halvaee Ganpati Trust in Pune, Maharashtra, India. These boys, aged between of 7 & 14, are children of Devadasi parents and are the most damaged children in Indian society. When he first started engaging with the children there were some who simply would not smile. Charles narrated in Hindi to the boys the Marathi language film 1909 and stories about his experiences on film sets. It was then some magical happened.  Without any prompting or anyone to assist the boys, on their own, they proffer to do their own Bollywood dance routine. This is their performance the ‘Dance of Lord Shiva’ done as their own way to say thank you to Charles for his visiting to their home.


Director: Ashley Mellross
Producer: Rushan Dissanayake
Writer: Ashley Mellross and Rushan Dissanayake

An ex-motocross rider fights to get back on the bike after being bullied on his way to rehab.


Episode 1 Part 1 – Witness Protection 

Director: Damien Cassar
Producer: Sarah Frost, Stuart Waller
Writer: Sarah Frost

Saed Azizi’s world is thrown into turmoil when top detectives, Jeff and Phil, reveal to him his new identity under the Witness Protection Programme as the new manager of the flailing Town Centre and it’s collection of unpredictable retailers. A comedy about the eccentric retailers of Town Centre, a struggling derelict and rural shopping mall.


Director: Jasna Krsmanovic
Producer: Jasna Krsmanovic
Writer: Jasna Krsmanovic

This is an everyday yet strange routine for the Old Man and his Dog of watching their daily program. The program is always the same and the channel never changes. People are pushed to go faster and faster every day. But The Old Man and his tiny Dog are beings who enjoy living at their own pace, immersing themselves in their daily walk, oblivious to the latest technology in the shop windows, unaware of the deafening noise of traffic and the madness and rush of the big city.


Director: Quentin Kenihan
Producer: Katie Powell and Quentin Kenihan
Writer: Quentin Kenihan

The Claw 2 is the sequel to the successful short film The Claw. In the 1st film Chris Fisher (Quentin Kenihan) realises that he has a magical toy claw that gives him the ability to seduce women. The sequel centres on the consequences of his actions and how he can make things right again in his world.


Director: Tresa Ponnor
Producer: Tresa Ponnor
Writer: Tresa Ponnor

On the most important night of her life Asha is suddenly left with no dress, no make-up and no ride to her Formal. Reluctantly, Asha accepts the help of her eccentric father, who with the assistance of the local neighbourhood, prepare her for her Formal. A flustered Asha is ready to go but her taxi is nowhere to be seen, forcing her to ride in her father’s trash collecting truck. During the long and painful journey Asha realises something about herself and her father.

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