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Big Notes 2009

In Harmony Workshops

Venue Riverside Theatre
Dates 21 March - 22 March 2009

Following the success of the inaugural event, In Harmony is back in 2009! For everyone who likes to sing, In Harmony offers workshops in world music repertoire where participants learn to sing a work in another language and from another musical culture.

A highlight of In Harmony 2009 is the creation of a new choral work “All is one and one is all” by Matthew Orlovich commissioned for In Harmony by Ars Musica Australis. Participants will workshop with the composer and then perform the world premiere at the In Harmony Concert at Riverside Theatre Parramatta.

Choirs and individual singers are invited to participate in this exciting weekend of singing with workshops presented by featured choirs; Sudanese Women’s Choir, combining Dinka and Darfour communities, the French Ensemble Choir and Joubert Singers.

Guest Conductor Ansa Fourie

Artistic Director Rachelle Elliott

This event occurred on 21st March – 22nd March 2009

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