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Lennox Theatre


14 March - 23 March 2019

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Live Event

‘Maternity, sexuality and the warrior’

A female pilot matches her male colleagues flight for flight, drink for drink, and drives down the freeway blasting AC/DC. Her language is clipped and masculine. She’s not trying to be a guy.

I am what I am, perhaps fighter pilot is the gender.

Our heroine, a fighter pilot in the US Air Force is forced to stop flying and co-opted into “the chair force” as a reluctant drone operator. Think the vastness of flying military jets over deserts, where the pilot is at one with the blue. Replaced by drones. Death delivered by remote control. A way to keep pilots safe, yet the mind doesn’t always follow orders.

After each shift, she drives home to family life, a process that becomes increasingly dislocating. The play delivers a nail biting climax, as the pilot’s state of mind unravels in a fast moving world, technology speeding into the future unchecked.

Is the pilot flying the drone or is the drone flying her?

Grounded is an Edinburgh Fringe First award winner, with a screenplay in development starring Anne Hathaway.

Dates & Times
Thursday 14 March at 7.45pm
Friday 15 March at 7.45pm
Saturday 16 March at 7.45pm
Tuesday 19 March at 7.45pm
Wednesday 20 March at 7.45pm
Thursday 21 March at 7.45pm
Friday 22 March at 7.45pm
Saturday 23 March at 2.15pm and 7.45pm

Illustration by Aidan Roberts


George Brant

Dominic Mercer

Emily Havea

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