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Get On Stage Fundraiser

Dates 04 January 2012

Get on Stage 2012

Friday June 1st is the date for Get On Stage 2012! If you would like to be involved either as a sponsor, volunteer or a guest, please contact Alison RIchardson on 8839 3359 or email

In November 2009 a group of local Parramatta business people led by Rod Morrissey of NAB and Riyad Tayeh of deVries Tayeh formed a committee to raise funds to help people with a disability engage fully in the performing arts at Riverside Theatres. The three course luncheon is held on the main stage at Riverside and is a highly anticipated annual event in the Western Sydney business calendar. Guests participate in raffles, a live auction and a silent auction – all in support of Beyond the Square (formally known as WAPD).

Get on Stage is about the celebration of ability and the potential for individual change & growth through the furthering of opportunities and also the potential for societal change through awareness raising of the rights and also achievements of people with a disability amongst the wider community.

If you’d like to find out more about Get on Stage or how you can become involved please contact Alison on 8839 3359 or

Get on Stage 2010

The inaugural Get on Stage event was held on March 26th on Riverside’s mainstage theatre and was MCed by Max Gilles with guest speaker being actor, John Howard. Through tickets sales, a raffle, silent and live auctions $35,000 was raised.

Part of this money raised went towards supporting 2 new positions at Riverside one being the Creative Director/ Coordinator of Beyond the Square and the other being supporting the first person with a disability to be working at Riverside. These are two major & important achievements.

Get on Stage 2011

The second Get on Stage event was held on May 27th on Riverside’s mainstage theatre & was MCed by Grant Dodwell with Wendy Harmer as the guest speaker. Through tickets sales, a raffle, silent and live auctions $41,000 was raised.

The Committee

The Get on Stage committee was formed in 2009 and consists of people from the local business community.

– Rod Morrissey (NAB)
– John Cowley, Amanda Bayfield, Liz Giblett (Coleman Grieg)
– Peter Steinhour (Savills)
– Rachelle Baiada, Riad Tayeh, Rory Muscat (deVries Tayeh)
– Peter Stewart (Macquarie Graduate School of Management)
– Robert Love, Anne- Louise Wirth, Alison Richardson (Riverside Theatres)

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