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Riverside's National Theatre of Parramatta presents

Generation 3 (Sleeplessness)


Lennox Theatre


13 September - 22 September 2018

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Live Event


Part mystery, part documentary, part forensic investigation, (Generation 3) Sleeplessness maps a remarkable Australian story. This is a story about women. The discovery of official documents led to an investigation to uncover an unimaginable nightmare revealing the impact of migration and institutionalisation on families. It explores a fractured matrilineal history that spans time and place, interrogating the experiences of three generations of women from 1920’s Budapest to Western Sydney today.

Artist Karen Therese grew up in Western Sydney and has been on a 15-year odyssey to create this work. She is very proud to be premiering at The National Theatre of Parramatta to her home audience of Western Sydney.

‘… an artist of singular dedication and strength of vision … Karen Therese has emerged as one of the most exciting voices in Australian culture…’ Ben Eltham

Fifteen years on, the next generation of Sleeplessness comes to the stage. ‘It’s a risky venture an up close investigation into a state of ‘not knowing’, a sleeplessness, a family mystery…brave…potent…wonderful…Sleeplessness should be widely seen’  Keith Gallasch Realtime

Dates & Times:
Thursday 13th September at 7:30pm
Friday 14th September at 7:30pm
Saturday 15th September at 2:15pm
Saturday 15th September at 7.30pm
Tuesday 18th September at  7:30pm
Wednesday 19th September at 7:30pm
Thursday 20th September at 6:30pm
Friday 21st September at 7.30pm (Audio Described)
Saturday 22nd September at 2:15pm and 7.30pm

Playwright, performer & co-devisor Karen Therese
Director & co-devisor Chris Ryan
Video design & co-devisors: Sean Bacon, Chris Ryan, Karen Therese

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