Fast Cars & Tractor Engines

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Fast Cars & Tractor Engines

Dates 03 October - 07 October 2006

As I said, accidentally I became a hero . . .

Fast Cars & Tractor Engines is a new play about courage and survival. Ordinary people share extraordinary stories about the fight of their lives as cultures collide, punches are dodged, and youthful confessions of love are shared.

Director Roslyn Oades worked with Bankstown arts officer Tim Carroll to collect more than 30 hours of stories from Bankstown residents. Eight stories are interwoven, including Mohammed, his brother Ali and their father, who talk of stealing cars, girlfriends and going all the way for the people they love; Margaret, an Aboriginal woman who remembers being ambushed by white girls on her way home from school; Hilda and her passion for big fast cars and money; and Ninh who escaped Vietnam on a boat powered by a tractor engine.

This is local narrative that transcends geography, presenting the universality of human experience and slapping down the lie of unbridgeable cultural separation. It’s great fun and deeply thoughtful. – Sydney Morning Herald

Director Roslyn Oades

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