Expressing Herself <br>The Brilliant Life of Rupi Kaur

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Sydney Writers' Festival 2017

Expressing Herself
The Brilliant Life of Rupi Kaur

Venue Lennox Theatre
Dates 27 May 2017
Category Live Event

Rupi Kaur is obsessed with expression. She puts her heart on paper – and into every other medium she works in. Whether she’s writing poems, taking photographs or designing books, Rupi has it covered. Her debut collection of poems, milk and honey, is a New York Times bestseller, and she has made waves as an Instapoet. Sara Mansour, co-founder of Bankstown Poetry Slam, talks to Rupi about how she expresses herself through her art.

Date & Time:
Saturday 27 May at 11.30am – THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT

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60 minutes

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