Curry Kings of Parramatta

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Curry Kings of Parramatta

Venue Lennox Theatre
Dates 18 April - 20 April 2019
Category Live Event

Nautanki Theatre Company presents

CURRy kings of Parramatta

By Sudha Bhuchar and Shaheen Khan

Curry Kings of Parramatta is a poignant play that deals with South-Asian migration to Australia and the subsequent establishment of a network of Indian-Pakistani restaurants, concentrated in Western Sydney.

Set in contemporary time, this humorous writing of Sudha Bhuchar and Shaheen Khan raises awareness about how head chef Billa’s isolation can be excruciating, how Yacoub and Khalida are working hard to make ends meet, while Nadim and Mariam dream together to reach their goal in life or when Yasin and his sons have intergenerational clashes about how to run the restaurant.

All this while 35 dishes are being frantically prepared in the kitchen for the grand ‘Curry-O-Ke’ night.

Dates & Times
Thursday 18 April at 8pm
Friday 19 April at 5pm
Saturday 20 April at 5pm

Please note content may not be suitable for children aged under 13.

This Project is supported through Create NSW and CoPC

Photography Reema Gillani
Design Aaimun Behzadpour

Writers: Sudha Bhuchar & Shaheen Khan
Director: Kristine Landon-Smith
Concept and Production: Neel Banerjee
Designer: Rajeev Maini
Stylist: Madhu Das
Lighting: Mitchell Kroll
Music: Avijit Sarkar

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90 minutes (no interval)

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Concession $30
Groups 10+ $35
Student/Teacher $21

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Web $3.60
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