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Raffertys Theatre


26 May 2018

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Live Event
Riverside’s National Theatre of Parramatta presents


Unheard Voices: Where Fact Meets Fiction 

In the lead up to Aanisa Vylet’s The Girl / The Woman, Riverside’s National Theatre of Parramatta invites a panel of early- and mid-career playwrights to interrogate the storytelling challenges faced by artists from an Indigenous or diverse background.

Aanisa Vylet, Donna Abela and Michelle Law will share their experiences in bringing their voices to the stage, the expectations around memoir in personal storytelling and the complex relationship between fact and fiction. Join us in this safe space for an evening of discussion and community. Join us this May for the first event of our Creative Conversations series.

Date & Time
Saturday 26 May at 5pm

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All tickets $8
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