Cinema Thali – Free Film Festival Saturday Program

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Parramasala 2015 presents

Cinema Thali – Free Film Festival Saturday Program

Venue Raffertys Theatre
Dates 24 October 2015

12pm – 1:15pm
One Day For Peace by Urban Theatre Project (UTP) –  An ambitious multi-faith film project that sees UTP collaborate with religious leaders, local residents and young people from diverse cultural backgrounds, ages, and religious and political beliefs from Western Sydney to share personal perspectives of daily practices of worship and prayer.

For more information about One Day for Peace, CLICK HERE

Entry to One Day for Peace is first come-first served basis.

2pm – 4pm (English subtitles)
1000 Rupee Note (2014) by Shrihari Sathe  – During a political rally in a small village in Maharashtra, India Budhi, a poor old woman receives a largess of several 1000 Rupee notes from a politician. She goes shopping to the nearby market town with her neighbor but fate has other plans for them.

Entry to 1000 Rupee Note is first come-first served basis

4:30pm – 6pm
The World Before Her (2012) by Nisha Pahuja – Two young women follow completely divergent paths in the new, modernizing India-one wants to become Miss India, the other is a fierce Hindu Nationalist prepared to kill and die for her beliefs.

6:30pm – 8:30pm (English subtitles)
Chittagong (2012) by Bedabrata Pain – In a little known incident in the 1930s British occupied India, a handful of untrained teenage boys and girls, led by a school teacher, handed the British their first military defeat. Set against this backdrop, Chittagong is the story of the youngest and the most unlikely participant – a frail and diffident 14 old teenager, Jhunku Roy.

Includes Introduction and Q&A with director

To reserve your seat for Chittagong CLICK HERE

Classification: All films are M15+ (Children under 15 must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian)

Dates & Times:
Saturday 24 October 12pm – 8:30pm

1000 Rupee Note

The World Before Her


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