Chance Encounter – Une Rencontre

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Alliance Française French Film Festival 2015

Chance Encounter – Une Rencontre

Venue Raffertys Theatre
Dates 12 April 2015

When soon-to-be divorced Elsa (the dazzling Sophie Marceau), shares an instant and intense chemistry with Pierre (François Cluzet, of The Intouchables fame), they seem perfect for each other. However their mutual attraction must contend with two immovable obstacles: Pierre loves his wife and Elsa has vowed never to date a married man.

Fate decrees that their paths continue to cross, and the pair form an illicit, passionate but platonic friendship. The couple’s sexual potential explodes in a series of trysts that cleverly blur the line between reality and fantasy. Will they cross the line? This is the question that is cleverly teased out through a complex narrative.

Chance Encounter is the first cinematic outing from director/writer/actor Lisa Azuelos since her coming-of-age drama/comedy LOL in both its original release form and its subsequent American remake. Her new high-concept romantic comedy delights with engaging and assured performances from its leads with Marceau particularly funny in her charming role. This is a smart, sophisticated and thought provoking film that explores love’s unexplored potential and cost.

“Irresistible charm, played to perfection by François Cluzet and Sophie Marceau.” – Cineman

Country: France
Classification: M

Dates & Times:
Sunday 12 April 6pm

Directed by:
Lisa Azuelos

Sophie Marceau
François Cluzet
Lisa Azuelos
Alexandre Astier


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Approximately 82 minutes

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