Cartoobs and other Typos

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Riverside & The Whitlam Institute

Cartoobs and other Typos

Venue Raffertys Theatre
Dates 15 May - 17 May 2014

Cartoobs and Other Typos is an award-winning, hilarious and whimsical romp; A journey through the mind of one of Australia’s most malleable political cartoonists.

Self-proclaimed National Treasure First Dog on the Moon inducts audiences into the mysteries of cartooning, satire, what it means to battle a daily deadline, and the voices of the hundreds of marsupials talking to him inside his head.

Song, dance, colouring in and pretending to know what you are doing while being adorable all feature in this crisp satirical descent into despair and back out again whew that was close.

It is really funny ok and everyone gets a personalised cartoon! (not true)

First Dog on the Moon (Andrew Marlton)

Andrew Marlton is a cartoonist, performer and artist who goes under the nom de plume First Dog on the Moon. He works as editorial cartoonist at the Guardian, has written one book and illustrated a number of others. He won the 2012 Walkley Award for Best Cartoon for his cartoon “Drowning”, which encapsulated public attitudes and the political debate over asylum-seeker tragedies.

Dates & Times:
Thursday 15 May 7:00pm
Friday 16 May 7:00pm
Saturday 17 May 7:00pm


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