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Bird Talk

Dates 20 April 2006

As part of the new and creative works being presented by Western Sydney Dance Action (WSDA) and Riverside Theatres, internationally renowned choreographer and dancer Liz Lea will be presenting her strikingly fresh and creatively innovative works from April 19 for four performances only.

Liz is becoming known as one of the most exciting choreographers of her generation, drawing from contemporary dance, classical Indian and martial arts to create movement that is fresh, intelligent and dynamic, challenging the boundaries between East and West. The first of the three works in Birdtalk is Bluebird. Floating on a sea of Blue, this bird rises to an occasion fit for a cabaret queen. Lovetails is an energetic work for five dancers bursting with flavour, feisty and fizzing, there is a nip in their brew. This work features local dancers Rebekah Berry from the Hills District, Miranda Wheen from Kurrajong, Amanda Alford from Cattai, Mel Palomares from Picnic Point and Dee Gatt from Gladesville. The final piece Quicksliver is a slick, fast-paced work featuring percussive rhythms from Bharata Natyam, a classical Indian dance form fused with contemporary dance.

As a citizen of the world Liz is constantly travelling, reflecting the range of her talents and her unique upbringing, as an Australian born in Sydney having attended The Manly Dance Centre and now based in London. Her formative years were spent in Malawi, Bangladesh and Pakistan, with her father’s career keeping the family on the move. Liz began her professional dance career as a showgirl in Japan. There is an expansive range to her skills, training and interests, from contemporary dance, classical Indian dance, martial arts and opera, to her own research in historical dance. Liz has been choreographing since 1993, both solo works for herself to perform and group works for others, including Mavin Khoo Dance (UK), Ballet Arabesque (Bulgaria) and Livid Land for Australian Choreographic Centre. Her solo InLand premiered in Stuttgart in 2003 and has won two awards.

Liz majored in Anthropology at Macquarie University before transferring to dance full-time, training at London Contemporary Dance School and in classical Indian dance at Akademi in London and Darpana Academy in Ahmedabad, India with Mallika Sarabhai. She also trained in the Indian martial art forms chauu in Bengal and kalariapayattu in Kerala, Liz draws on these disciplines in her own work.

“A riveting performer with statuesque gravity luscious plasticity and superhuman penetrating gaze and her personal synthesis of dance and martial art forms is seamless and convincing” (Pulse Magazine, UK, 2003)

“a showstopper…Lea looks like an Indian warrior queen fresh off a temple wall. Her sinuous black clad presence, her control and suppleness, together with her unremitting focus and concentration create an experience that is truly exciting, a diamond seriously powerful dance” -The Australian

The BirdTalk season includes a special matinee performance, Unpacking Dance, which will feature excerpts from each work and a commentary which will give the audience an insight into how dances are made. A stimulating and intriguing school holiday activity.

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