Behind The Lines 2021

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Dates 16 March - 21 April 2022
Category Exhibition

Riverside Theatres Presents
Museum of Australian Democracy Old Parliament House

Behind the Lines is an annual touring exhibition from the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House. It celebrates the role of political cartoonists in Australia and highlights the power that their drawings have in contributing to our daily political and social discourse.

There is something in Behind the lines for everybody. It’s is laugh out loud, but also poignant at the same time.

You will have a good time, laughing at the year. And who doesn’t need a good laugh!

Behind the Lines is a travelling exhibition developed by the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House, proudly supported by the National Collecting Institutions Touring and Outreach program, an Australian Government program aiming to improve access to the national collections for all Australians.

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Prophecy and Chance

Behind the Lines 2021 is rummaging in the fortune-teller’s chest for a crystal ball. Just as predictive models have become ever-present in the news cycle, the exhibition’s theme, Prophecy and Chance, acknowledges our discomfort with uncertainty and our quest to know what the future holds.

The cartoons featured in the exhibition are presented through eight subthemes:
• Political Life Lines
• The Empress
• A Sporting Chance
• Roll(out) of the Dice
• Wheel of Fortune
• Mars Retrograde
• Bad Omens
• Consulting the Oracle

• 105 cartoons feature in this year’s touring exhibition.
• 42 cartoonists are represented.
• 9 cartoonists are making their Behind the Lines debut: Badiucao, Sarah Firth, Megan Herbert, Judy Kuo, James Hillier (aka Nordacious), Edmund Iffland, Meg O’Shea, Elyce Phillips and Van T Rudd (aka Van Nishing)

Badiucao is a Chinese–Australian political cartoonist, artist and rights activist, whose
work addresses a variety of social and political issues. He is regarded as one of China’s most
prolific and well-known political cartoonists. In 2019 Badiucao won the Robert Russell Courage in Cartooning Award and the following year the Human Rights Foundation named him joint winner of the Vaclav Havel International Prize for Creative Dissent.

Peter Broelman
Peter Broelman is an Adelaide-based freelance cartoonist and illustrator, whose nationally
syndicated cartoons appear in a wide range of publications, including the Canberra Times,
Geelong Advertiser and Sunshine Coast Daily. He has won three Stanley Awards for his
editorial cartoons (2004, 2005 and 2009) and has twice been named Gold Stanley Cartoonist
of the Year (2005 and 2009).

Warren Brown
Warren Brown, who signs his cartoons ‘Warren’, has been an editorial cartoonist
since 1986, and his work appears regularly in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph. He is also a
television presenter, vintage car enthusiast and motoring columnist. Brown has won three
Stanley Awards for best political cartoonist (1997, 1998 and 1999).

Harry Bruce
A born-and-bred north Queenslander, Bruce is a prolific artist who has been cartooning
for regional newspapers in Queensland for more than 30 years. He often creates up to five
cartoons a day, and his work has appeared in newspapers from Cairns to Longreach and
most towns in-between.

Mark David
Mark David is a Queensland-based cartoonist, illustrator and photographer, with more than
20 years’ experience in cartooning. He is widely published and has won several awards
for his work. David’s work has appeared in the Australian Financial Review, Bulletin and
Sydney Morning Herald and he now works for Independent Australia.

Matt Davidson
Melbourne-based Matt Davidson’s cartoons have appeared in the Age for more than
20 years. In 2008 he won the Melbourne Press Club’s Quill Award for Best Illustration.

Chris Downes
Based in Tasmania, Chris Downes regularly draws for the Hobart Mercury. He has also
created works for MoAD and for the Lore podcast. Downes works for the Museum of Old
and New Art (Mona), where he believes his mind is slowly being corrupted. That didn’t stop him from creating the book Mona’s Ark, a zoological appreciation of art from Mona’s collection. Downes won a Stanley Award in 2015.

Andrew Dyson
Andrew Dyson began working as a cartoonist for the Melbourne Herald, moving to the
Sunday Age in 1989, and then to the Age 10 years later. His work also appears regularly
in the Sydney Morning Herald. Dyson has won Walkley Awards for cartooning (2004) and
illustrations (2005).

Danny Eastwood
Danny Eastwood is a member of the Ngemba tribe of western New South Wales. He is a
painter, illustrator and regular cartoonist for the Koori Mail. Eastwood has created public
artworks and murals in Sydney and has won many awards, including, twice, NAIDOC NSW
Aboriginal Artist of the Year.

First Dog on the Moon
First Dog on the Moon (who used to be known as Andrew Marlton) has been a full-time
cartoonist since 2007, first at Crikey and then, since 2014, at the Guardian Australia.
He has also written and illustrated books and performed live on stage. Mr Onthemoon
is a Walkley Award-winner and was MoAD’s Political Cartoonist of the Year in 2011.

Sarah Firth
Based on Wurundjeri country, Sarah Firth is an Eisner-Award-winning cartoonist, a comic artist and writer, speaker and graphic recorder. Her work has been published by ABRAMS Books, ABC Arts, Frankie Magazine, kuš!, Graphic Mundi (Penn State University Press), Penguin Random House, Picador, Allen & Unwin, the Nib, Black Inc. and Routledge. She is currently working on her debut graphic novel.

Matt Golding
Melbourne-based Matt Golding has been cartooning for more than 25 years. He is currently political cartoonist for the Age and Sunday Age. A collection of his cartoons, Three
Second Thoughts, was published in 2009. Golding has received a Walkley Award, eight
Stanley Awards (including Best Single Gag Cartoon every year from 2005 to 2010) and,
in 2018, was honoured as MoAD’s Political Cartoonist of the Year.

Megan Herbert
Megan Herbert is an artist, writer and cartoonist whose work primarily deals with environmental and social justice issues. She has been writing for television and film,
cartooning, live-drawing, designing products and creating children’s books for 20 years.
After 13 years living abroad (in the United Kingdom, Iceland and the Netherlands), she returned to Australia in 2020 to live on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

James Hillier
Brisbane-based artist James Hillier, also known as Nordacious, specialises in portraiture,
creating work inspired by pop culture, Australiana, sociopolitical commentary and
queer + camp. Hillier has had three solo exhibitions since 2015. His current project is
a series of billboards drawing attention to Australia’s track record on climate action for
COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November 2021.

Edmund Iffland
Edmund Iffland is a freelance artist based in Sydney’s inner west. Mostly working as
a cartoonist, storyboard artist and graphic designer, Iffland is also a regular entrant in the
Archibald Prize, with recent portraits of artist– activist Badiucao and satirists James Colley
and Mark Humphries.

Fiona Katauskas
Sydneysider Fiona Katauskas has been a freelance cartoonist since 1997. Her work has appeared in a wide range of publications, including the Sydney Morning Herald, the
Australian, the Age, New Matilda and Eureka Street. She is also the author and illustrator
of The Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made (2015).

Mark Knight
Mark Knight is a cartoonist for the Melbourne Herald Sun, having been the last editorial
cartoonist for its predecessor, the Herald. He is also well-known in Melbourne for his AFL
premiership posters. Knight is a much-awarded cartoonist, having received two Golden Quill
Awards from the Melbourne Press Club, two Walkley Awards and two Stanley Awards. He
was named MoAD’s Political Cartoonist of the Year in 2014.

Jon Kudelka
A freelance cartoonist based in Hobart, Jon Kudelka regularly publishes in the Hobart
Mercury and the Saturday Paper. He has been cartooning for more than 10 years — hence,
he says, his haggard looks. Kudelka has won two Walkley Awards (2008 and 2018), a
Stanley Award and several others recognising his talent. He has been MoAD’s Political
Cartoonist of the Year twice, in 2010 and 2019.

Judy Kuo
Judy Kuo is a visual artist and activist, living and working on Wurundjeri country. She is
passionate about developing a politically energised art practice, particularly in areas
of anti-racism, workers’ rights and disability justice. The child of multiple generations of
refugees, she is also an activist for refugee rights. Kuo has participated in projects for
Diversity Arts Australia, Multicultural Arts Victoria, demos journal and local zines.

Johannes Leak
Johannes Leak is an artist, cartoonist and illustrator based in New South Wales. His
cartoons appear regularly in the Australian and in Tracks surfing magazine. Leak also
illustrates children’s books and has been commissioned to paint the official portrait
of former prime minister Tony Abbott.

Glen Le Lievre
Sydneysider Glen Le Lievre’s cartoons and illustrations have appeared in the Age, the
Sydney Morning Herald, MAD, Private Eye, Reader’s Digest, the New Yorker, Time and
the Wall Street Journal. He has also worked in comedy on radio and television. Le Lievre is
MoAD’s Political Cartoonist of the Year 2021.

Simon Letch
Sydney-based Simon Letch is an illustrator whose works appear regularly in the Age and
Sydney Morning Herald. He describes himself as a ‘surfer at Bronte, cook at home’.

Brett Lethbridge
Brett Lethbridge is an artist, gallery owner and cartoonist. His editorial cartoons have
appeared in the Courier-Mail and Sunday Mail since 1995 and have also been published by
the West Australian. Lethbridge has won six Stanley Awards, including two Gold Stanleys
(1997 and 1998).

Reg Lynch
Reg Lynch is a cartoonist, illustrator, designer and occasional curator, currently living in the
north-west of Tasmania. Lynch’s work regularly appears in the Sun-Herald. His cartoons have been published in the Sydney Morning Herald, Bulletin and the Age. A collection of his work, Bulk Reg, was published in 2000.

Alan Moir
Alan Moir has been an editorial cartoonist for the Sydney Morning Herald since 1984 and,
prior to that, for the Bulletin and Courier-Mail. Moir was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in
1999. He has received two Walkley Awards for his work (2000 and 2006) and the United
Nations Award for Political Cartooning in 1994.

Meg O’Shea
Meg O’Shea is an independent comic artist based in Sydney, on the unceded lands of the
Wangal clan. In addition to self-publishing her work on online platforms and as zines,
O’Shea’s comics have featured in the Nib, the Lily and as part of 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art’s digital program. They have also been collected in numerous anthologies, including Comic Sans; The Threads That Connect Us; and Drawing Power: Women’s Stories of Sexual Violence, Harassment and Survival, which in 2020 won the Eisner Award for Best Anthology.

Jim Pavlidis
Jim Pavlidis has been at the Age as a press artist, designer and illustrator/cartoonist
in two stints since 1987. His gap years of 1995–98 were spent at the Independent and
Daily Mail newspapers in London, and at the Paris Free Voice. He won a Melbourne Press
Club Quill Award for best artwork in 2015 and for best cartoon in 2019.

Elyce Phillips
Elyce Phillips is an illustrator, writer and comedian. Her work has appeared in McSweeney’s and Junkee, and she has performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Darwin Fringe Festival, Fringe at the Edge of the World and she appears regularly at The Improv Conspiracy in Melbourne. Her work can be found in Heaps Comics and on Twitter.

David Pope
David Pope grew up in Canberra and began drawing cartoons for the underground press in
the 1980s. He became editorial cartoonist for the Sydney Sun-Herald, returning to Canberra
as editorial cartoonist for the Canberra Times in 2008. Pope has received 12 Stanley Awards,
including three Gold Stanleys for Cartoonist of the Year (2010, 2012 and 2015). He was
MoAD’s Political Cartoonist of the Year in 2012.

David Rowe
David Rowe is a Sydney-based cartoonist and caricaturist whose works appeared in the
Canberra Times, the Independent (London), and the Times Literary Supplement before
he joined the Australian Financial Review as editorial cartoonist 28 years ago. He has three
Walkley and 15 Stanley awards to his credit and was MoAD’s Political Cartoonist of the
Year in 2013 and 2017.

Van T Rudd
Also known as Van Nishing, Queensland-born and Melbourne-based Van T Rudd is a political street artist, muralist and sculptor, who has been producing visual art for 30 years. He has long been fascinated by different methods of creating social and political commentary. He currently produces work for streets, fences and laneways in order to reach wider audiences

John Shakespeare
John Shakespeare is a Sydney-based cartoonist, caricaturist and illustrator for the Sydney Morning Herald, having previously worked for the Courier-Mail and Sydney’s Sun. He grew up in Brisbane, inspired by cartoonists of MAD and Cracked magazines. In 1992 Shakespeare won a Stanley Award for his caricatures.

Greg Smith
Greg ‘Smithy’ Smith is an editorial and sporting cartoonist based in Western Australia, where he was born. He started cartooning for the Daily News and, for more than a decade, has drawn cartoons for Perth’s Sunday Times and Perth Now.

Phil Somerville
Freelance cartoonist Phil Somerville lives in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. He started cartooning in the 1980s and his works have appeared in a wide range of publications including the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian, the Bulletin, Freewheeling, Nexus, Matilda, the Independent, Good Weekend Magazine and Limelight. Somerville now also produces an online topical cartoon, Line of Thought.

John Spooner
Melbourne-based John Spooner began cartooning in the early 1970s and his works have appeared in many Australian and international publications, including the Age
from 1977 to 2016. His cartoons now appear regularly in the Australian. Spooner has won
many awards, including four Walkley and five Stanley awards.

Andrew Weldon
Andrew Weldon is a freelance cartoonist based in Melbourne. His cartoons appear regularly in the Big Issue Australia, the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald. His work has been published widely, including in the New Yorker, Private Eye and the Spectator (UK). Weldon has also published several books of his cartoons and illustrated children’s books.

Cathy Wilcox
Sydney-based cartoonist and illustrator Cathy Wilcox has been drawing cartoons since 1989.
Her work appears almost daily in the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne’s Age. She is
also an award-winning illustrator of children’s books. Wilcox has received Stanley Awards for her cartoons in 1994, 1997, 2014 and 2015 and she was MoAD’s Political Cartoonist of the Year in 2009, 2016 and 2020.

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