10 Terrorists

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10 Terrorists

Venue Raffertys Theatre
Dates 27 July 2012

Shady Los Angeles producer, Max Buckmeister operates with no scruples and only a passion for money and fame as he rolls out the production for his new extreme reality television show, So You Want To Be A Terrorist!

After auditioning thousands of aspiring, wanna-be terrorists from across the globe, TEN finalists are chosen to face the ultimate challenge of their lives. Three second-rate Judges (a retired MI6 agent, a Commandant from the Columbian FARC and a Pakistani ex-military explosives expert) plan outrageous challenges and eliminations in their quest to find the amateur master-terrorist and winner of the million-dollar prize.

Set in a secret location on the harsh continent “Down Under”, the show gladly steals from every popular format as the Judges find ingenious ways to interrogate, gas and torture the contestants en route to the last guerrilla standing. “Masterchef” becomes Blasterchef! Billionaire arms dealer is now looking for his Armed Apprentice. Even a queer make-over format is morphed into Queer Spy For The Terrorist Guy.

Promising thrills and spills, Max’s show will do anything for a ratings bonanza, but like any good production schedule, the show soon begins to fall apart. There are rumours of some Contestants killed off in a bomb explosion, and this only gets Max more excited about his reality TV show becoming more and more real.

In this power-to-the-people comedy there’s hope that a real hero will emerge to inspire hope and compassion by making the realization that it is love, not terror that will change the world. Well good idea – until the disgruntled and rejected auditionee, Phoenix Mitnik, intercepts the show. Being the ultimate hacker – cyber terrorist, he takes control of the ‘game’ in his own counter-attack – but is he for real? Or was that another TV illusion?

At a time when we really need to believe in something as true and real on TV, So You Want To Be A Terrorist! has arrived to show us that – we can’t.

What a Debacle Freddy Farkle
Director: Jesse Emmerson
Producer: Bridget Curran
Writer: Natalie Manning
Do you feel that your life’s a debacle? Then you need to meet Freddy Farkle! Freddy Farkle is a mess. Welcome to the adventures of Freddy Farkle and related Debacles.

Dates & Times:
9pm, Friday 27 July 2012


Adult $15, Conc. $12*
* Transaction fees apply

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