National Theatre of Parramatta

Having burst onto the Australian theatre scene in 2016 with four acclaimed productions, National Theatre of Parramatta continues to present outstanding contemporary performance with four world premieres in 2017 – Hakawati, Smurf in Wanderland, The Incredible Here and Now and The Red Tree.

In 2016 National Theatre of Parramatta launched behind the scenes programs that contribute to capacity building for the sector, such as From Page to Stage playwriting program, Creative Futures industry mentorship program, plus education and
audience outreach activities.

National Theatre of Parramatta aspires to create bold, popular, contemporary works that draw their inspiration from the rich diversity of Western Sydney and beyond, adding to our cultural landscape a company that truly reflects the nation on stage.

National Theatre of Parramatta is led by a Directorate and Executive Producer. The Directorate guides artistic and creative direction and includes Annette Shun Wah, Paula Abood, S. Shakthidharan and Wayne Harrison AM. Executive Producer
Joanne Kee steers the company.

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  • Smurf in Wanderland

    20 Apr - 29 Apr 2017
    Lennox Theatre
    Smurf in Wanderland is one man's insightful and hilarious examination of football, tribalism, belonging and identity. It's also a passionate defence of the fan - what it means to be a fan, the demonization of fans and the artificial wedge that has been created between Sydney and it's Western Suburbs.
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  • The Incredible Here and Now

    13 Jul - 22 Jul 2017
    Lennox Theatre
    Michael is living in the shadow of his older brother Dom. The biggest guy in the school. Best car in the West. The guy who just can’t help but grab everyone’s attention.
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  • The Red Tree

    19 Oct - 28 Oct 2017
    Lennox Theatre
    Adapted from Shaun Tan's multi award-winning picture book, this new production reminds us the world isn’t as bleak as it may seem.
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