Kanjoos (The Miser)

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Adakar Theatre & Cultural Group

Kanjoos (The Miser)

Venue Riverside Theatre
Dates 18 October 2014

Adakar is a new theatre and culture group seeking to promote emerging subcultures in contemporary Australia. Its current production of Kanjoos is an Indian adaptation of Molière’s French comedy The Miser. Set in mid-20th century Northern India, the play is a blend of satire and humour, exploring the depth of human greed, lust and manipulation. “Kanjoos” follows the tribulations of Mirza Sakhawat Baig, a stingy old man obsessed with the accumulation of his wealth. Seeking to marry both his children off for money, Mirza himself is determined to marry the young and attractive Mariyam – whose heart belongs to Mirza’s son Farrukh. Steeped in family politics, greed, misunderstanding and laced with Molière’s comedic magic, Kanjoos is a must see production playing at Riverside.

Please note: Kanjoos will be performed in a mixture of Hindi, Urdu and Hindustani

Direction: Saba Zaidi Abdi
Adaptation: Hazrat Awara
Design: Rajeev Maini
Lighting: Druvjyoti Ghosh
Cast: Amitav Goswami, Shashi Dandekar, Aparna Vats, Ambika Asthana, Asif Ghafoor Khan, Vikas Sehgal, Nisar Surghru, Satish Mathur, Pankaj Yadav, Sunjay Kalra, Khuram and Saba Zaidi Abdi

Dates & Times:
Saturday 18 October 6:00pm

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