Dreamers Markets Winter

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Dreamers Markets

Dreamers Markets Winter




22 July 2017

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Live Event

This genuine handmade shopping experience will warm your heart this winter!

The Dreamers Market is not your average market. They thrive on artisan works handmade in Australia. The stallholders are carefully chosen to ensure their philosophy of Australian handmade is upheld. The stallholders are true artisans who design from their imagination, create with their own hands, and each of their products have a story to tell.

At the Dreamers Market they’ve narrowed the field down and you’ll find artisans selling products. The market offer a platform for artists, crafters, makers and designers, to bring their beautiful ideas to life for you to peruse and enjoy. You’re guaranteed that any gorgeous designs you fall in love with were made with heart and utter intention.

The Riverside Theatres Courtyard will be filled with a selection of interesting bits and bobs, ranging from simple and quirky to luxurious and indulgent. With all the beautiful artisan products, you can feel delighted in knowing that heart and endless hours of love have been put into these creations. So come out and experience the Dreamers Market, have a whimsical wander around, and indulge yourself with handmade treats and treasures. Find the perfect Christmas present for your family and friends or a little keepsake to take home with you.

Dates & Times:
Saturday 22 July 9:30am – 2:30pm

All tickets free, no booking required

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