DāM-FunK (Live)

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Sydney Festival presents

DāM-FunK (Live)

Venue Lennox Theatre
Dates 14 January 2016


Are you ready for some seriously golden, breezy West Coast vibes? Enter, on a keytar-shaped sunbeam, Pasadena’s maverick funk hero, DāM-FunK, who earned his chops as a sought-after player for G-Funk hip-hop artists in the 90s before deciding to go ‘full-funk’ and plough his own, extremely cool furrow.

Having signed to Stones Throw Records for his 2009 debut, Toeachizown, a handful of tantalising tracks followed, leading up to 2015’s joyous sophomore album, Invite the Light, featuring such free-thinking like minds as Ariel Pink and Snoop Dogg. Says DaM: “No matter how old you are, you just keep getting better, if what you do is true.” Damn right.

Dates & Times:
Thursday 14 January 8pm

Standing tickets only

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Approximately 75 minutes

Ticket Prices

Full Price $35

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