Biddies – a play reading

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Steady Lads

Biddies – a play reading

Dates 19 March 2009

Don Reid’s Codgers dealt with the male of senior years in comic and touching fashion. In his new play, Biddies, he casts an ironic eye over the female of the species. His biddies are everything – except old! Hear some of our favourite actresses bring a new script to life at its first public reading. Share your views with the playwright and cast in a Q and A afterwards.

Cast:  Lorraine Bayly, Judi Farr, Toni Lamond, Betty Lucas and Carole Skinner
Director:  Chris Hurrell
Associate: Noel Hodda
Produced by: STEADY LADS Grant Dodwell & Fiona Press
Presented by: NSW Seniors Week 2009

The play is at early draft stage and the producers and Seniors Week are inviting patrons to contribute to its development by attending.

Free event
Funded/marketed by NSW Seniors Week


This event occurred on Thursday 19th March 2009

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