Andre Rieu Live in Maastricht 2012

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Andre Rieu Live in Maastricht 2012

Venue Riverside Theatre
Dates 01 July 2012

Andre Rieu’s Maastricht concert will be broadcast via satellite to cinemas from his hometown of Maastricht, in The Netherlands. As part of a worldwide cinema event, this not to be missed performance will be broadcast to Riverside on Sunday July 1st 2012.

The 2012 Maastricht event marks the 25th anniversary of Andre and his Johann Strauss Orchestra performing together and is in planning to be the most spectacular annual concert in Maastricht to date.

In addition to performing highlights from the past 25 years, they will also be joined by the incredible 150 piece Royal Choir Society Maastrichter Staar. The renowned Dutch violinist and conductor is one of the world’s most successful touring artists and each year he performs a series of concerts in his hometown of Maastricht in The Netherlands.

These concerts are Andre’s most popular with thousands of fans flying from all over the world to witness the incredible music event set amongst the dramatic backdrop of his beautiful hometown.

Andre commented on the CinemaLive broadcast of his concert saying,
“It fills me with great joy to be able to share my hometown concert in Maastricht with all of my friends in Australia and New Zealand. It is going to be a magical & special evening, celebrating 25 years of performing with my fantastic Johann Strauss Orchestra, with lots of highlights from the past 25 years! Come and enjoy the music on the big screen in the comfort of your local cinema.”

Dates & Times:
12pm & 3.30pm Sunday 1 July 2012
All tickets $40*
*Transaction fees apply

Duration: 100 Mins (approx.)

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100 Minutes (approx.)

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