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Support Something Worthwhile

Did you know that Riverside Theatres:

  • runs an extensive Education program that subsidises tickets for disadvantaged youth;
  • has been running Workshops in the Arts for People with Disabilities for over 14 years;
  • has a development program called Breakout that fosters emerging playwrights and creative artists with work that gives voice to Western Sydney;
  • manages the Connect Studios that aim to build local performance capacity and skills through the provision of rehearsal space, workshops and classes;
  • and that every year continues to present the best of Australian theatre, dance, comedy and music here on your doorstep despite the economic challenges that we’re all faced with?

Your donation today can directly benefit the youth, the disadvantaged, the disabled and the emerging talent of your local community today and well into the future, ensuring that future generations will continue to enjoy this vibrant cultural hub in your local community.

Becoming a Riverside Donor

To become a Riverside Donor is simple. Download the donation form the top left side of this page, fill it in and email, mail PO Box 3636, Parramatta 2124 or fax to 02 9683 3267

All gifts will be most gratefully received and will go toward maintaining the vibrancy of your theatre in Parramatta.


Riverside is a three theatre, single purpose performing arts venue in Western Sydney, exhibiting a diverse, culturally sophisticated and prolific program of events and performances. Riverside entertains more than 140,000 people per year over 700 to 900 events including the following:

  • Annual performance season of professional theatre;
  • Extensive schools/education program including theatre for children;
  • Workshops in the arts for people with disabilities;
  • Extensive concert program of professional & community performers (Music at Riverside);
  • Comedy performances and events through Big Laugh Comedy attractions;
  • Parramatta home for Sydney Festival, Sydney Writer’s Festival, Mardi Gras and the Arab Film Festival;
  • Produces theatre in-house (Riverside Productions) and intra and interstate tours;
  • Hosts exhibitions and business and community events including culturally specific performances by organisations from a wide range of nationalities;
  • Runs a reading/workshop program (Breakout) for new and emerging artists from Western and Greater Sydney;
  • Hosts Western Sydney Dance Action.

Riverside is seeking partners to assist in its future development and enhance the financial sustainability of the organisation over the long term.

Advantages to businesses that support the arts generally include reputation and market positioning benefits, networking and hospitality opportunities and community engagement.

Some of the benefits on offer at Riverside Theatres include the following:

  • Opportunity to develop a cultural investment program by supporting the performing arts in western Sydney;
  • Align the business reputation with the values of Riverside;
  • Increase brand awareness to specific target markets;
  • Opportunities to network with community leaders/government, business and client networks of Riverside;
  • Hospitality opportunities;
  • Ticketing offers for staff;
  • Opportunities to meet performers, attend special functions and opening nights;
  • Development workshops and seminars for staff;
  • Community engagement via Riverside™s programs and audiences;
  • Opportunity to develop cross promotions and fundraise for aid agencies/charities;
  • Product sales;
  • Opportunity to develop new cultural programs/productions in association with Riverside;
  • Signage and branding in venue and on marketing materials;
  • Free and discounted ticketing to many events and performances;
  • Communication opportunities via Riverside™s mailing database of 20,000+ and
  • e-database of 14,000+

Partnership Opportunities

Riverside have a diverse range of opportunities available but some possibilities include the following:

– Leading partners
– Education partners;
– Music/Concert program partners;
– Comedy partners;
– Riverside Productions partners;
– Breakout partners for the development of new works and emerging artists;
– Season partners for individual productions;
– One off event partners.

Contact: Pamela Thornton, Business Manager, (02) 8839 3313,