Over the years Riverside Theatres has built a reputation for offering an extensive program that reflects the diversity of our audiences, our community and the modern world rich in performance styles and content. It’s our point of difference!

Bringing a program of such depth and variety together takes time, research and careful planning. Trying to bring it all together for one annual announcement is challenging as programming opportunities present themselves all the time and don’t always fit with traditional annual planning cycles. In addition, we have simply grown to a point that cramming everything into one annual brochure is not easily achieved without leaving so much out that you will want to know about as the year rolls out.

We will now surprise and excite you with four seasonal programs.

Our website will always have the most current listings for the year; but we will package future events up into a Season Program for the coming three months with its own brochure publication that will also give you a hint of other exciting highlights still to come throughout the year.

The productions below are what is what has been announced so far and is updated regularly.

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  • Emil and the Detectives

    Wheelchair AccessibleHearing System
    28 Nov - 29 Nov 2019
    Lennox Theatre
    The creators of The Young King bring Erich Kästner’s 1929 coming of age novella to life in this must-see award-winning production.
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