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Riverside and the Environment

While You're Here

Since 2011, City of Parramatta Council has been working to make Riverside Theatres more environmentally sustainable. We have:

  • Reduced our annual energy consumption by 30%, saving 337,388kWh each year – equivalent to the electricity used by around 60 average Australian homes.
  • Saved about 1,500kL of water each year – more than half the water in an Olympic swimming pool.
  • Reduced our Front of House (bar, courtyard, theatres and amenities) waste to landfill by around 70%.

To achieve these results, our actions have included:

  • Installing a solar hot water system
  • Upgrading to energy efficient lighting including LEDs
  • Retrofitting water fixtures to be efficient, including with dual flush toilets
  • Installing a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system
  • Eliminating disposable cups and straws
  • Providing recycling bins for patrons
  • Improving our waste collection and disposal processes
  • Recycling coffee pods

Annual Electricity Consumption at Riverside Theatres

Watch this space for details of more upgrades and improvements.

Find out more about City of Parramatta Council’s Environmental Strategy here.