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Riverside and the Environment

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We are very proud to announce that we were Division and Overall winners of the Behaviour Change in Waste category at the 2018 Local Government NSW Excellence in the Environment Awards!

Since 2011, City of Parramatta Council has been working to make Riverside Theatres more environmentally sustainable. We’ve made improvements in energy, waste and water. Check out more below.

To find out more about City of Parramatta’s sustainability goals and our progress, check out our Environmental Sustainability Strategy.


We have reduced our annual energy consumption by 30%, saving around 337,388kWh each year – equivalent to the electricity used by around 60 average Australian homes. To achieve this, we have:

  • Upgraded our lighting to be more energy efficient with LEDs
  • Installed a solar hot water system
  • Installed a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system
  • Installed motion sensors in toilets, green room and office areas so the lights go off when no one is there

Annual Electricity Consumption at Riverside Theatres

Solar hot water system on Riverside Theatres roof


Riverside Theatres is saving about 1,500kL of water each year since upgrading to water efficient systems – that’s more than half the water in an Olympic swimming pool! Some of the measures we’ve taken include:

  • Installing low-flow dual-flush toilets to replace single-flush toilets
  • Installing flow restrictors in taps to reduce the volume of water
  • Installing sensors on some taps
  • Adjusting the flushing mechanisms on urinals to reduce flushing from every three minutes for 30 seconds down to every 15 minutes with a 45 second flush
  • Replacing shower heads with universal flow restricting shower heads, reducing water use in the showers by approximately 60%

 New dual-flush system installed in patrons’ toilets

Adjusted urinal mechanism to reduce water consumption

New dual-flush toilets backstage, replacing old single-flush toilets


To Bin or Not to Bin: Riverside Theatres Waste Campaign

In just one year (July 2017 – July 2018), Riverside Theatres’ Front of House reduced waste to landfill from 90.1% to just 28.2%, and almost doubled recycling from 36.8% to 65.7%. Our campaign was the winner of the 2018 Behaviour Change in Waste Award at the LGNSW Excellence in the Environment Awards. Read our full case study HERE.

Four days of waste in the Riverside Theatres courtyard – recycling and landfill waste separated in the post-implementation campaign.

The changes made at Riverside Theatres included increasing the types of waste we recycle, changing our methods to reduce or eliminate use of throwaway items, and giving patrons opportunities to recycle. Some of our actions included:

  • Eliminating disposable cups and straws
  • Providing recycling bins in the foyer and courtyard
  • Changing our waste contractors so we can recycle plastic and tetra-pak
  • Using reusable tubs to collect waste from theatres instead of plastic garbage bags
  • Switching from paper towels behind the bar to washable cloth

Changes in waste management at Riverside Theatres during waste audit campaign

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