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True West

True West, micro playwriting festival featuring James Elazzi, Nick Atkins and Monikka Eliah

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The Things I Could Never Tell Steven

This delightful music comedy sees four characters sharing intimate details about their life with Steven, what they want to tell him.

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Girl In The Machine

Polly and Owen feel ready to take on the world... But this is a world where microchips are embedded into your skin and VR headsets offer a seductive and addictive escape.

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Take Two: A Comedy of Errors

A tale of two cities, two sets of twins, love, death, mistaken identity and identity theft.

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Fact and fiction begin to blur for a female fighter pilot in this psychological thriller. Grounded delivers a nail-biting climax as the pilot’s state of mind unravels in a fast-moving world, technology speeding into the future unchecked.

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White Pearl

It's just another day at the office of Clearday cosmetics. That is, until they discover that their new TV commercial has been leaked online and goes viral. Someone is definitely getting fired.

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