Guards at the Taj

By Rajiv Joseph

4 — 13 Nov 2021

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An exploration of beauty and power, autocracy and resistance, and conflicting loyalties. Featuring a heartbreakingly funny and relatable friendship tested, and broken, by extreme and brutal circumstances.

Humayun and Babur are best friends, and guards in Hindustani ruler Shah Jahan’s Imperial Army. They bicker, reminisce about jungle escapades, and have the dubious privilege of standing guard over the Taj Mahal, Shah Jahan’s epic tribute to his dead wife, the night before it is revealed to the world as the most potent and powerful personification of beauty.

Humayun, sternly loyal second generation civil servant, is content to follow orders, even when the Emperor, determined that no object more beautiful than the Taj Mahal should ever be built again, has the guards carry out a horrifying task. But sensitive Babur, an imaginative inventor, can only come to terms with the destruction of beauty if he exacts his own powerful vengeance.

Thursday 4 November 8.00pm PREVIEW
Friday 5 November 8.00pm PREVIEW
Saturday 6 November 8.00pm OPENING NIGHT
Wednesday 10 November 8.00pm
Thursday 11 November 8.00pm
Friday 12 November 8.00pm
Saturday 13 November 2.00pm
Saturday 13 November 8.00pm

Cast and Creatives

By Rajiv Joseph

Director Bali Padda