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Allowing social groups to see their own stories reflected on stage is important and this work achieves this while also proving to those outside of the subject community that regardless of the color of our skin, places where our ancestors came from and language we speak, there is a relatability in the stories and beneath it all, we are all part of the same broader community.  Broadway Review

Kristelle Zibara is a find. Making her professional debut, the actor simply owns the stage in James Elazzi’s new play, Queen Fatima. Theatre Now Review 

5 – 14 November 2020

Western Sydney composer/lyricist Jye Bryant’s musical is a wonderful expression of the challenges of human connection and is perfect piece of live theatre for a community emerging from social isolation and challenging communication channels.”  Broadway World Australia

Kiehne takes the score and transforms it with keyboard synth and 80s pop sensibilities. It’s brilliant work.”  “This new setting has also inspired a colour-blocked pleasure of a set (James Browne) and Verity Hampson brings 80s panache to a lighting plot that’s part rainbow, part compass. They bring pockets of joy“. Sydney Morning Herald

“The one act musical set a lively and engaging pace. It had compelling drama, humour and strong songs.” Stage Whispers

Jye Bryant’s celebrated musical is brought to bright, beautiful, technicolor life by Riverside’s National Theatre of Parramatta

9 January – 18 January 2020

★★★★ “Rush for tix – don’t dawdle.” – Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise 

★★★★ “…director Dimitriadis delicately calibrates performances, pace and atmosphere as the play takes a sharp turn from joyous bedlam into dark places and revelations.” – Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise 

★★★★ “Lady Tabouli is a remarkable achievement, both as play and production; and in the performances of the four actors. It’s an economically entertaining 90 minutes of acutely-observed and unflinching docu-drama.” – Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise 

★★★★ “…the performances are uniformly excellent.” – Veronica Hannon, Theatre Now 

★★★★ “This show is a joy to behold. I recommend it unreservedly.” – Veronica Hannon, Theatre Now 

“Elazzi’s writing is powerful and passionate. Its incisive honesty provides an urgency that grips us, having us invested in the family’s story, regardless of where we stand in relation to its arguments.” – Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes See

“There is a depth to the way its characters and narrative are presented that absolutely captivates, alongside a sorrow that sings with disarming authenticity, of rejection and of loss.” – Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes See

“Actor Antony Makhlouf is a compelling Danny, accurate in his portrayal of frustrated despondency, for a young man caught between two worlds.” – Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes See

“Dino Dimitriadis directs this production with the compassion and imagination for which he is highly respected across the Sydney theatre scene.” – Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers

“Elazzi’s portrait is warmly funny and seems very much grounded in reality. Lady Tabouli has a fly-on-the-wall quality to it that draws you into a complex dilemma in which faith, traditional notions of masculinity and social standing within a tight-knit community all play a part.” – Jason Blake, Audrey Journal

24 October – 9 November 2019

★★★★½ “A dazzling production that has you riding the roller-coaster plot with your jaw on the floor at the brazen, daring brilliance of the writing. It’s a play that feels fresh, fearless and very funny”.  Jo Litson,  Limelight 

★★★★ “It’s funny, insightful and packed with extraordinary erudition about the slang of diverse Asian cultures.” John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald

★★★★ “…blisteringly funny satire” Debbie Zhou, Time Out Sydney

“…a dazzling unstoppable talent who, thanks to her Thai-Australian heritage, brings a fresh, sharp perspective to our theatre.” Deborah Jones, The Australian

“It is a sensational piece of writing, thoroughly researched and passionately rendered… a wildly funny theatrical ride that never releases us from its moral interrogations.” Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes See

“Seven actors form a formidable ensemble to deliver an intelligent and highly entertaining show, that reveals many truths about who we are today.” Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes See

13 – 14 September 2019

This production directed by Stefo Nantsou is great fun for both children and adults and succeeds in giving one a greater appreciation of the words of Shakespeare. Weekend Notes 

When Hafda’s chilled Syracus Antipholus digs into the rhythm of Shakespeare’s poetry for Asciak’s Luciana, he can make a crowd of schoolgirls squeal with delight. Audrey Journal

This clever adaptation of a classical farce finds all the funny and friendly bits and adds the contemporary references to keep the play as relevant as it would have been. Night Writes

I could see this travelling all over Australia for it’s wholehearted and enjoyable for every demographic. I love to see when happy, upbeat theatre is executed well so seeing Take Two: A Comedy Of Errors was delightful.  Buzz from Sydney

20 June – 29 June 2019

Girl in the Machine is a short, punchy play with strong performances, and it’s asking audiences to be thoughtful about their consumption, their gadgets, and their choices. It’s not a bad message to hear all over again. Time Out Sydney

Girl in the Machine only takes 50 minutes to unfold. But its message is delivered so succinctly.. Audrey Journal

 I fully recommend seeing Girl in the Machine for an insight of what might await us around the proverbial corner. Absolute Theatre

Girl In The Machine is an innovative, thought provoking and highly recommended piece of theatre on at Riverside. Buzz from Sydney

Benjamin Brockman’s lighting and Benjamin Pierpoint’s sound choices marry beautifully with events on stage. Theatre People 

14 March – 23 March 2019

★★★★½ Brant’s​ words would be nothing without an actor to give them wings, and Emily Havea​, skilfully directed by Dom Mercer (for National Theatre of Parramatta), takes us into the heavens with her, and then breaks our hearts with her fall from impervious god into something nearer a state of grace. Don’t miss this. It will burn itself into your mind. John Shand – Sydney Morning Herald 

★★★★½ [Grounded] is spectacularly relevant, brilliantly performed and scary as hell. Judith Greenway – ArtsHub

★★★★ Recommended – Havea has the goods, bringing her strong stage presence and an aura of confidence and capacity to the role. Jason Blake – Audrey Journal

Grounded delivers thrilling theatre, from take-off to landing. A major marvel. Come fly!  Richard Cotter – Australian Stage

Havea meets the challenge of this absorbing script in a performance that is rich and hungry, powerfully real and grippingly convincing. [Grounded] is a coup for Riverside, National Theatre of Parramatta, Dom Mercer and his creative team – and especially for Emily Havea. Carol Wimmer – Stage Whispers

Grounded is a role for a versatile actor with an incredible amount of endurance, and Emily Havea has proven to us why she is an actor to watch out for.Theatre Travels






18 October – 27 October 2018

Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam is theatre with a tender heart and a hard head, confronting, conflicting, complex and compelling.  Richard Cottor  Australian Stage Online

★★★★½ This is potent work, its pivot-point being Wol’s moment of blind fury at the injustice of her fate. Truman plays this with such heartbreaking conviction that you feel it shake the room to its core.  John Shand – Sydney Morning Herald

An extraordinarily moving night at the theatre, with performances emotionally pitched to the narrative movements of the work, accessible writing which strikes at the heart and a multilayered thematic examination of a very difficult subject.    Judith Greenaway – Sydney Arts Guide 

Under Yap’s delicate, insightful direction, this closely bound cast brings Rodgers’ confronting but beautiful play into intense reality – one which Rodgers’ says “made me question life’s great balancing act – how tightly do we hold on to each other and how hard it is to let go.” – Stage Whispers






28 June – 7 July 2018

As both writer and actor Vylet​ is engaging and entertaining, with a sharp eye for absurdity and a deft one for satire.” John Shand Sydney Morning Herald

Vylet’s story has been lovingly nurtured by a very sensitive and perceptive director, a talented, imaginative design team, the collaborative support of the National Theatre of Parramatta – and the “world of magic, diversity and community” that is Western Sydney.” Carol Wimmer –  Stage Whispers

 This is a very attractive production with an interesting cultural conundrum to digest.” Kevin Jackson

The entire production exudes theatrical craft.” Jason Blake – Audrey Journal






29 May – 1 June 2018


★★★★ “A drama of big ideas. It is both original and ambitious. Daily Review





18 – 24 March 2018

The cast, led by Vagulan’s, is full of warmth, curiosity and something you might recognise in yourself: a desire to do good and create meaningful change in a complicated world.”  Cassie Tongue – Time Out

Larnach’s writing has a sharp, self-consciously witty edge to it.”  Jason Blake – Audrey Journal

This is another moving, thought-provoking production under the auspices of NTofP’s commitment to “reflect today’s Australia and its diverse population.”  Stage Whispers







19 – 28 October 2017

“…we were spellbound”  Theatre Now

Loyal to Tan’s insights into the inner world of the child, and to his own concerns as a father, director Neil Gooding’s vision reaches to the parent as well as the child.”  Stage Whispers

A Triumph!” and “You’ll be swept along by the pure artistry and seamless stage, musical and set direction of this piece.” Brydie Wright, Weekend Notes

A wonderful new musical” and “Recent Victorian College of the Arts graduate (Nicola) Bowman as Ava is tremendous in this quite demanding role, singing and acting terrifically.” and “Magnificently directed by Neil Gooding” ★★★★ Lynne Lancaster, Arts Hub







13 – 22 JULY 2017

Whilst centred on Parramatta the work still resonates with those that may not be as familiar with the area. This is a human story that is relatable regardless of where someone may live”
“For everyone that has been a teenager, for those that have children, families and friends, this work speaks to a broad audience, not just those that live in the Western suburbs. Presented with humour and compassion, THE INCREDIBLE HERE AND NOW is a wonderful new Australian play telling Australian stories that everyone should see and hopefully it will return to an Australian stage soon.”
Jade Kops – Broadway World

It was the perfect blend of human story and world view. Warm and funny and human and thought-provoking… THE INCREDIBLE HERE AND NOW is a high quality, exciting and resonant production which is ultimately accepting of the progress around it.”
Judith Greenway – Sydney Arts Guide

The beauty of this play was that it finally, finally understood where I’d come from. Michael and I are not the same person, but his grief and growing pains were played out in areas of Sydney I’ve also grown up in… I don’t know if Felicity Castagna knows this, but through Michael and his friends, up on stage, my past in Parramatta has been validated. ” Erica Enriquez – Weekend Notes 

It was such a fantastic show that should be shown to people beyond Western Sydney and the most moving and enjoyable thing I’ve seen this year. ”

5 – 29 APRIL 2017

What Williams has created, and performs so well, is a gentle and often very funny meditation on the culture of football fandom, and on the broader connections between identity and place.The Australian 

“As performer, Williams is charismatic and engaging.”  Suzy Goes See

“Even if you’re not a football fan, this is an entertaining piece – Williams manages to transcend the sport and elucidate the unwavering devotion it inspires.” Stage Whispers 

11-21 January 2017

“Hakawati is an irresistible concept and beautifully realised: who doesn’t love good food, good wine and intriguing stories? Who doesn’t enjoy the company of fine actors? What’s not to like? ” Dianna Simmonds, Stage Noise

“Hakawati is a marvellous night out and perhaps, bear with me, such an enjoyable evening might provide you with what Julie Andrews described as “favourite things” Judith Greenaway, Sydney Arts Guide

 “Hakawati is original, fresh and thought provoking. It is not at all what I had expected but far more. It is a performance that highlights so many contemporary issues; immigration, integration and dislocation amongst others – all issues and challenges faced by those in new lands.” Eliza Eggler, Australian Stage







12 – 15 OCTOBER 2016

Delicately spellbinding, absorbing and illuminating”  Kevin Jackson

★★★★ “You will  laugh and you will cry.Time Out

21 – 30 APRIL 2016

Almost all of the creatives working on this show are women — a rare thing in the theatre — and there’s strength in every element.”  Ben Neutz – Daily Review 

This is a solidly engaging production” Jason Blake – Sydney Morning Herald

A complex, thought provoking play, presented with sensitivity, a degree of humour without mocking the experiences, and unique design. Broadway World

★★★★ “If you’re queer, if you’re a woman, if you’re trans, if you’re dealing with trauma or some circumstance or condition that makes life more difficult for you – Swallow may give you a great gift of theatrical catharsis, and a little flicker of hope”.  Time Out

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