Putting the Nation on Stage



Annette Shun Wah


Annette Shun Wah is a producer, writer, actor and broadcaster, best known for ABC and SBS television shows such as The Noise, Eat Carpet and Studio 22. Annette is Executive Producer of Performance 4a which brings contemporary Asian Australian performance to main stage venues and festivals including the 2014 Sydney Festival hit The Serpent’s Table, the multi-artform work Yasukichi Murakami – Through A Distant Lens and the theatrical storytelling show Stories Then & Now.

The NTofP aspires to create bold contemporary works that draw their inspiration from the rich diversity and untold stories of Western Sydney and beyond, adding to our cultural landscape a company that truly reflects the nation on stage. “



Wayne Harrison AM


Wayne is a former artistic director/CEO of Sydney Theatre Company, as well as Creative Director of Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebrations on Sydney Harbour and the Director of the Closing Ceremony for the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. He produced and directed one of the first productions at Riverside, Othello, and has continued his association over the years with productions such as Codgers, RU4Me?, Shellshock and the Parramac festival. Wayne is currently Chief Creative Officer for Spiegelworld International; productions he has directed for SW include: Absinthe, Desir, Empire (all in New York), Vegas Nocturne (in Las Vegas) and Absinthe (in Miami and LV). The production of Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas is now in its fifth year.

“I was taught when I was young that theatre was a portal through which you could, initially at least, escape, then explore, experience, learn, react. Maybe even change things. I’ve spent a lot of time beyond the door, listening to and telling stories, and much prefer being on the inside than out. it’s more fun, and more effective. I’m confident the NTofP portal, placed significantly in the national story hub of western Sydney, will entice a whole new generation of escapees, explorers, learners and changers – those who have a compelling story to tell or might take comfort in the hearing of one. the good thing is: the door is there, and it’s open.”


Joanne Kee – Executive Producer

Joanne-KeeJoanne was co-Artistic Director and founder of the Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival, Artistic Director at Sydney Improvised Music Association, General Manager of The Song Company, Business Manager of Programming Sydney Opera House, ran a national contemporary music touring project, Sound Travellers, set up creative development and performances residencies for artists and has also worked at the Arts Council of England and Carnivale, multicultural arts festival. As a producer she tours internationally award winning work. She is on the board of Music Australia, Sydney Fringe Festival and the Glebe Chamber of Commerce. She was Chair of Ausdance NSW and chair of the working Group that set up Critical Path.




Clare Spillman – Company Coordinator