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OMG! It’s Mikayla and Joshua ya’ll!

Meet two of the leads from Legally Blonde the Musical, Mikayla Williams and Joshua Keane.

What was the first musical you ever saw?
Joshua: Grease at my sisters’ high school.
Mikayla: My Grandma would always take me to musicals when I was young. I think the first musical I saw was Disney on Ice. I remember going to Beauty and the Beast and I still have the program.

Name your top 3 favourite musicals
J: The Phantom of the Opera, The Last Five Years and Les Miserables
M: The Color Purple, In the Heights and Next to Normal.

Which character from a musical would you most like to have as your best friend?
J: Oh it would have to be Genie from Aladdin right? Friend Like Me kind of sells it!
M: Pocahontas

What Broadway number do you dream of performing?
J: I would absolutely love to do Lily’s Eyes from The Secret Garden.
M: Watch What Happens from Newsies

What was your OMG on stage moment?
J: So there was one moment in Packemins The Phantom of the Opera when I played Raoul, where the noose got caught in the fly lines and didn’t lower. So rather than spending the finale being strangled, I had to pretend I got impaled by the Phantoms organ and was slowly bleeding out…. I don’t know how that was received, haha!
M: The first time I got to fly. It was in Packemin’s production of Wicked. My first entrance I got to float down in a bubble and see the cast and the audience, It always felt so magical!

What’s your favourite breed of dog? Why?
J: Rather appropriately, I’d have to say Chihuahuas because my family have always had Chihuahuas.
M: French bulldog because they are so cheeky and funny, their faces are so cute. I also love Staffy’s!

Who do you play in Legally Blonde? Tell us about your character
J: So I play Warner, Elle’s ex-boyfriend, who she follows to Harvard in an attempt to win him back. Warner… I’m trying to word this tactfully… is a bit of a douche. He’s very into himself and cares far more about his image than about anyone around him. I can’t give too much more away for fear of spoilers, but suffice it to say, Warner is not likely to be your favourite character. But hopefully you like my portrayal.
M: Elle Woods. Elle is President of her Sorority Delta Nu and she has a love for fashion. Elle is outgoing and bubbly, she has a huge heart and is 100% confident in who she is. Elle is intelligent, loyal, honest and often misunderstood. As the musical progresses we see a shift in Elle and what is important to her.

What’s your favourite scene in the show Legally Blonde?
J: My favourite scene would have to be Blood in the Water, Callahan’s first lecture to the students. Rodney Dobson’s portrayal as Callahan is the perfect blend of scary, cocky and hilarious. Very entertaining!
M: I really like Serious because Elle is completely oblivious to what is about to happen and for an audience member it is hilarious and heart breaking at the same time.

Tell us in 30 words or less what the show about?
J: The show is about a young girl unlocking her true potential and proving to the world that kindness and sincerity take you further than backstabbing and arrogance.
M: The show is about determination, love and fashion. It is about not judging a book by its cover.

What do you love about working with Packemin Productions?
J: What I love about Packemin is how they consistently deliver professional productions but always manage to stay humble and genuine. It’s a very special company.
M: They are always so much fun, the cast and creatives are always great to work with and learn from.

Catch Mikayla and Joshua in Legally Blonde the Musical at Riverside July 27 – August 11.

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