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Welcome to Autumn

And to our second edition of CentreStage!

It is an exciting time for culture, arts and entertainment as the City of Parramatta is quickly evolving into a sophisticated international city that is rich in diversity and history. Culture showcases what we are passionate about, what we value and who we are. It is key to activating, celebrating and promoting our changing city. An activated and culturally alive city buzzes and hums. It is welcoming, imaginative, stimulating and fun to be a part of. It makes a city a destination.

As Parramatta discusses the cultural aspirations and directions for the future, Riverside reflects on our longstanding leadership as the cultural centrepiece of the city. Riverside has been centre stage for many years and will continue to be in the future.

During this past summer our city was transformed into Circus City for Sydney Festival. Thousands of people from across Western Sydney, NSW and beyond explored, discovered and engaged with the plethora of artist offerings in theatres, restaurants, circus tents and outdoor venues across the Parramatta CBD.

Traditional and contemporary art practices blended together in thrilling and breathtaking performances. None more so than Riverside’s National Theatre of Parramatta production Hakawati. Held at the award-winning El-Phoenician Restaurant on Church Street, the small cast performed to capacity crowds and won the hearts of critics and audiences alike. Thanks for your support as our own resident theatre company begins its second year of producing diverse theatrical works.
Thanks also for all the positive feedback on our first edition of CentreStage.

Autumn is a season that transforms the world around us – the magnificent colours of the falling leaves; the change of clothing as we shift from hot days and prepare for the cool of winter; celebrations and anniversaries that mark important milestones and achievements and the passing of time.

This season we welcome the brand new Western Sydney Youth Orchestra to our family. Riverside audiences will be thrilled to know that this orchestra in the making, comprising young musical talent from across the largest region of young people in the state, has become an additional resident group in our theatres. They join the long running FORM Dance Projects and Riverside’s National Theatre of Parramatta to create home-grown productions and concerts that will excite,
challenge and move you.

The team at Riverside has begun working on our major celebration for next year, our 30th Anniversary! Along with our Advisory Board, the staff are working hard on promoting public and private investment for the development of a new Riverside. When Riverside opened its doors in 1988 it was embraced by the community of Parramatta because it met so many needs and aspirations at the time. Now in 2017, as the premier performing arts centre in Western Sydney, this larger, more diverse community has new entertainment tastes, wants and needs and Riverside must grow, expand and renew to meet those needs.

CLICK HERE to enjoy the second edition of our magazine and we look forward to hearing more of your feedback to help us shape CentreStage into a valued, useful and engaging publication.

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