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Keeping it Faaabulous out West!

It’s Mardi Gras season and this weekend it is all happening in the city. But you don’t have to miss out. Queer Screen brings the best of the festival to Riverside from 31st March to 2nd April.

Queer Screen staff give us an insight into why they love coming to Riverside –  “Queer Screen have been showing films at Riverside Theatres as part of the Mardi Gras Film Festival for many years. It’s always a really exciting part of the festival that helps us to expand our reach and tap into the amazing hub of creativity that Riverside has become. This year we have an enormous program with over 80 screenings, exciting events, and a plethora of special guests from all over the world. We are proud to be showing such a diverse program of high-quality films, films that portray a kaleidoscope of characters from a range of cultures and ethnicities. The program really has something for everyone, no matter what age, background, sexuality, gender, or nationality”.
5 great films in a nutshell      

Pushing Dead – Danny Glover, James Roday and Robin Weigert star in the brilliant Pushing Dead, a film that explores living with HIV in the modern day. With a sharp script, this dark and dry comedy alternates between laughs and tenderness. When one small mistake defaults Dan’s insurance, he’s thrown into a race against the clock to get his vital medication. But, the film is much more about him growing into himself and his illness, his sweet but codependent relationships with his best friends (and with caffeine), and how he comes to start writing again.

Contrary to the title, Suicide Kale is a quirky story that manages to keep delivering the laughs. The film is the exceptional achievement of a tiny but hugely talented crew who successfully draw the audience into an intense and insular story. A lunch date between two couples becomes awkward when guests Jasmine and Penny find a mysterious suicide note in their hosts’ home. They now have to find out who penned it but are not subtle in their attempts.

Australian premiere Out Run, a documentary from the Philippines, is a highlight of the Focus on Asia films. Bemz Benedito dreams of becoming the first transgender person in the Philippine Congress. A representative of the Ladlad party, one of the world’s only LGBTQI political parties, we get to follow Bemz and the party around the country campaigning for support. Although they face extreme marginalization, the spirit of camaraderie and hope is infectious.

Engaging young queer people is one of the festival’s biggest aims in 2017, and as such we are showing a number of films that focus on youth experiences. Something Like Summer is a stand out, featuring a mix of original and classic songs this is also one for music fans. You’ll be enamoured with this fun, fresh, and full of glee, high school drama about Ben, a young man who is willing to come out but not to sing.

In A Million Happy Nows Lainey and Eva (played by the popular stars of Guiding Light, Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia) have just embarked on their idyllic newly retired life when some scary symptoms point to a serious diagnosis for Lainey. With her memory failing, the pair quickly have to learn to live for their ‘happy nows’ rather than worry about the future. With heartfelt and searing performances from both leads this film is bittersweet and romantic.

Tickets are available now.

For other Faaabulous programming see our Ad from the Mardi Gras edition of SX.


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