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In the Rehearsal Room for The Cartographers Curse

We are excited to present The Cartographers Curse in our Lennox Theatre from Wednesday 5th October till the 8th October. The Cartographers Curse is a co-presentation from National Theatre of Parramatta and The Third Space productions and we are proud to support the development of this new work currently in the rehearsal room.

Directed by Paula Abood and  Claudia Chidiac as Assistant Director we were welcomed into the rehearsal room and wanted to share some of the photos we took. This piece is shaping up to be an exciting new production including spoken word poetry (with Sara Saleh), elements of philosophy (with Ghassan Hage as the Wandering Professor) , parkour (with Ali Kadhim as the Resistance) and beautiful and mesmerizing music supplied by Mohammd Lelo on the Qanun.

Sara and Alissar

The Spirit Poet – Sarah Saleh (on left) and The Merchant – Alissar Gazal (on right)

the gang

The Gang – (from left) Ludwig El Haddad, Ali Khadim, Sara Saleh, Alissar Gazal, Zainab Kadhim, Paula Abood

Claudia and Paula

(from left) Zainab Kadhim (The Poet)  Paula Abood (Director), Barry Gamba (Dramaturg) and Claudia Chidiac (Assistant director)

the boys

The Boys –  Ludwig El Haddad (The Cartographer) and Ali Khadim (The Merchant)


Sound designer Oonagh Sherrard with Master of the Qanun Mohammd Lelo

Images by Boden Evans

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