2016 April

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The Man Who Knew Infinity Competition

To celebrate our preview screening of The Man Who Knew Infinity at Riverside Theatres next Wednesday, we have an amazing prize pack to give away, thanks to Icon Film Distribution Australia.

Spotlight on Nick Parnell

Celebrated as one of the most exciting vibes players in the world today, Nick Parnell makes old music new again, injecting energy into a repertoire that might be familiar to some, but definitely inspirational to all. Steel yourself for his mallets...

Shakespeare’s 400th at Riverside Theatres

This year marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. Riverside Theatres celebrates the legacy of the world’s most revered poet and playwright with these exceptional productions throughout the year.

A Message from Sydney Writers’ Festival Artistic Director, Jemma Birrell

This year the theme of Sydney Writers’ Festival is Bibliotherapy, exploring the positive effects of literature. A good festival, like a good book, should bring real-life benefits – joy, solace and a new understanding of the world. Sydney Writers' ...

Announcement: Weekday Matinee Series

Riverside is excited to announce the next four months program of the Weekday Matinee Series of screenings. Check out the upcoming program.

Flamenco double at Riverside Theatres

Two contemporary flamenco works, Forge by Annalouise Paul and Bush Bailando by Pepa Molina, will premiere at Riverside Theatres Parramatta from 5 - 7 May. Both flamenco artists are Australia and both will dance solo alongside live musicians.

National Theatre of Parramatta’s Inaugural Premiere

An auspicious moment for Parramatta and the performing arts, on Friday night we celebrated the inaugural premiere of National Theatre of Parramatta, with Swallow written by Olivier Award-winning playwright Stef Smith. The Australian premiere produ...

What Would the Soundtrack to your Life Sound Like?

If you could create a soundtrack to your life, what would it sound like? What music did you listen to as a kid, teenager, in different relationships, when you broke up, made up and celebrated? If you were sitting in a nursing home, unable to grasp...

Theatre helps children tell the difference between fantasy and reality

Going to the theatre is an important experience for children. But what is it that continually draws audiences back to live theatre against the forceful current of the digital age? Splash ABC reports below on the magic of theatre and the huge empha...

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