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Announcement: Indie Gems Film Festival

Our annual Indie Gems Film Festival, a festival of independent international and Australian films returns to Riverside in September for its sixth year. This year promises screenings of primarily Australian films due to the high quality of recent Australian output.

Indie Gems aims to foster and support independent and Australian films in the countrys fastest growing region, Parramatta.

A specially curated program by actor, producer and distributor, John L. Simpson, Indie Gems offers film buffs, film connosieurs, industry professionals and budding filmmakers of all ages the opportunity to network and help support home grown content.

“This year’s collection of features, docos and short films truly represent the diversity of storytelling styles and talent that is emerging from our Independent filmmakers in Australia. The Indie Gems team this year have devised some great events,” said John L. Simpson, Festival Director.

Check out this years higlights below:

Opening Night Gala
11 September at 7pm

Join us as we screen some of Australia’s best new short films and web-series, followed by a fun networking event and after party, including catering.

Student Film Competition
12 September at 2pm

A screening of the finalist’s films in the Indie Gems Student Film Competition, followed by an exciting announcement of the winners, each vying for a share in a fantastic prize pool. The theme this year is “Diversity”.

Filmmaker Forum
12 September at 4pm

Join Festival Director John L. Simpson for an open and insightful conversation with award-winning filmmaker Sotiris Dounoukos and producer Chloe Rickard.

Gayby Baby
12 September at 6pm

A refreshingly honest picture of what really counts in modern life, featuring a post-screening Q&A with emerging producer, writer and director Charlotte Mars. Her credits include The Slap (ABC1), Devil’s Playground (Foxtel) and Underground: The Julian Assange Story (Ten).

Prison Songs
12 September at 9pm

The inmates of Darwin’s Berrimah Prison are shown in a new light in Australia’s first documentary musical. Featuring a post-screening Q&A with director and producer Kelrick Martin (via Skype).

13 September at 3pm

Academy Award Winner Cuba Gooding Jr. stars in a tale of two men, separated by time and circumstance, but united in their search for freedom and redemption. Featuring a post-screening Q&A with Australian director Peter Cousens.

Closing Night Gala: Holding the Man
13 September at 6:30pm

A tender, celebratory and refreshingly honest memoir about the author’s long-term love for his Melbourne high school’s football captain, it charts their 15-year romance through passion, discrimination, illness and tragedy. Featuring a post-screening Q&A with screenwriter Tommy Murphy, plus a party with catering and drinks provided.

Join us 11 – 13 September to experience what this exciting festival has to offer.

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