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Extra Tickets Released to shake & stir’s 1984

Due to popular demand, we have moved shake & stir’s 1984 from our smaller Lennox Theatre to our larger Riverside Theatre.

More tickets are now on sale!  Tickets will sell fast – Don’t miss out, secure your seats on 8839 3399 or

ABOUT 1984


Strap yourself in for this incredibly engrossing theatrical event set against a towering wall of plasma screens. This is a big scale production that completely absorbs you into Orwell’s horror story of a society diseased by totalitarianism.

Set in Oceania; a Nation perpetually at war, where cameras watch every move and Thought Police roam the streets. A place Winston Smith calls home.

By day, Winston is an editor at the Ministry of Truth, rewriting history to align the past with the radical political agenda of the ruling party and its illusive leader, Big Brother. By night, Winston pursues a forbidden love affair with the mysterious Julia in an attempt to rebel against the oppressive regime set down by the party and maintain some control over his otherwise totally controlled life.

Arguably one of the most influential novels of all time, 1984 not only enriched our language with the adjective Orwellian, it also contributed the concepts of thought police, Big Brother, Newspeak, thoughtcrime, unperson and doublethink, the title itself has become a metaphor for a dystopian society .

This production is magnificently good. Be prepared to be transfixed throughout – all the way to its chilling zenith – which will stay with you long after Winston is released from Room 101.

“Wonderful, wonderful production… Everyone gives 110% – I just loved it!” – 612ABC Radio


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